"Angel Oak",St Johns Island, South Carolina

I invite the viewer to join in my interpretation of our world. I use the rich,
variable colors of oil paint to capture my feelings and the presence of my subject.
When the wonders of life and it's amazing variety synchronize to provide a lasting memory I simply try to share it through my art and to my pleasant surprise in many cases I manage to pass it forward.
Water has always been a favorite subject matter for me. It's transparent nature always provide challenges in trying to paint it. Crashing waves with sunburned beachcombers and the cool waters of a mountain stream call me to try to represent them in a 2 dimensional manner that others will enjoy and remember. Thank you for visiting my site. If you have an interest in my work you can contact me by email or telephone.
gt@garryturpin.com or 864-680-4516

Garry Turpin

"Angel Oak"
36" X 48"
oil on canvas